Friday, March 19, 2010

Cheese Making Workshops in Philo, Ohio

Blue Rock Station

If you want to read about a very interesting farm, check out the website for Blue Rock Station in Philo, Ohio.

Jay and Annie Warmke have created a center for green living, where they give tours, hold workshops, and model green technology by living in a house made out of trash (their "earthship") with a greenhouse made out of plastic bottles.

The PBS video at the end of this article tells the story of how it came to be.

It's a fascinating place, but the point of this particular article is to inform you about their cheese making workshops.  Annie sent us this description:

Goat Keeping and Cheesemaking: From Milking to Eating
April 14, 2012

Goat keeping is an amazing process that brings the keeper and the goats into a partnership. At Blue Rock Station our milk goats and their offspring add vitality and often humor to life on the farm.

The basics of being a goat keeper, and what to do with the kids and milk are the heart of what we’ll learn about in the afternoon workshop. AND, we won’t forget to talk about milk from healthy, pasture-raised animals as a vibrant, life-giving food that not only bolsters the immune system but fends off countless degenerative diseases that were virtually unheard of just a century ago.

What you’ll learn:
  * How to keep goats healthy naturally
  * How to milk a goat
  * How to process the milk
  * The basics of cheese making for the farmstead
  * A variety of recipes for different ways to preserve cheese

You’ll have a pleasant time in the countryside at Blue Rock Station, meet some interesting people and enjoy high tea at the end of the time together.

Reservations are a must to avoid disappointment. Be sure to wear sensible shoes that can survive mud, and sun glasses, if it is a sunny day.

Registration for this event is only $35 and includes a tour of Blue Rock Station, the presentation, cheese sampling as well as a proper cup of British tea.

To register for this event, e-mail Annie at or give her a call at (740) 674-4300.  You can even sign up with a credit card at their website - click here.

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LilacCottageGoats said...

Thank you so so much for posting this!!! I live in Ohio, and only live about 2 hours away from this farm. I can't wait to take that class.