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Cheese Making Adventure in Belize - Part 4 of 4

This is the fourth in a 4 part series about a cheese making workshop at Ian Anderson's Cave's Branch Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge in Belize, taught by Linda and Larry Faillace of Three Shepherds Cheese.  To begin with Part 1- click here.

Last day (adventure included!)

That morning at breakfast, Ian asked Nadege and I if we wanted to move from our bungalows to a treehouse (the most deluxe accommodation) for our last night.  We would have to share it, but there would be two rooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a jacuzzi on the deck.  Of course, we were thrilled!  So, after breakfast, we packed our stuff so we would be ready to move later in the day.

Our add-on

The course was originally scheduled as a three day workshop, but we got a bonus on the fourth day.  We needed to finish off a few cheeses and Ian had suggested we have a question-answer period.  So, since our "adventure" was planned for the afternoon, why not?

Ian showed us how Cave's Branch normally presents their soft ripened cheeses.

We rolled some of the soft ripened cheeses in spices (lower right).  Behind them is a young Parmesan.  From the left- Spressa, Queso Blanco, Trappist

A proud team

Linda went over a resources handout she had made with sources for all the equipment and supplies we might need.  She also gave everybody one of our New England Cheesemaking Supply Company catalogs which she does after every workshop - thank you very much!

We were all curious about the aging room which we hadn't seen until then.

Ian talked about his plans to build more shelves in his "cave."

That's a lot of cheese!

Last tasting

Out came the wine and all the cheeses we had made. 

Ian compared the two Mozzarellas we had made.

Then we ate our last lunch and headed to the bus.

How many cheese classes end with a "tubing into a cave" adventure?!

We had two guides.  Ching (driving) and Maria (standing)

The scenery was incredible.

The bus actually crossed a river.

This was taken at the beginning of our trip.  We had conquered making cheese, so we were fearless!

The cave was magnificent and we all survived!

Last supper

That night, we stayed up late talking in the dining room, so it was dark by the time Nadege and I got to our treehouse.  It was spectacular, but I was way too tired to take any pictures, so you'll have to check the ones on the website (360 degree viewing).

Our final evening together

Saying goodbye to paradise

The next morning, I stopped off at the cheese house on my way to the parking lot and found "the cheese girls" cleaning the mold off their cheeses.  Every other day they flip them and wipe them down.

Clara and Elsa

Then, I met the driver who would be taking me to the airport, Reuben Posades.  He answered my questions about Belize as we made the 1 1/2 hour trip.

Reuben Posades when we stopped for gas.  (He was always smiling but especially because I had bought him a soda!)

The airport in Belize City

It's small, so going through customs was easy.  I shopped for souvenirs in the gift stores.

I didn't stop looking at the beautiful country of Belize until there was nothing more to be seen.

My 2 cents:

I think Ian and his cheese girls are going to put Belize on the cheese map.  I also think that when the American Cheese Society finally opens up to include Central and South America, there are going to be some big surprises at the competition!

Meanwhile, you'll have to go to Belize to taste Ian's cheese, but why not?  Mrs. Stinky alone is worth the trip!

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