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A Cheese Contest You Can Win!

This is a picture from the Cave's Branch website.  The rest are ones I took when I went there.

Anyone Want to Spend 5 Days at a Jungle Lodge in Belize Making Cheese?!

Do you remember when I went to Belize last January for a 5 day adventure which included a 3 day cheese making workshop?  If not, click here to see just how fabulous it was.

View from the bus when we went on our jungle adventure

I loved every minute of it- the lodge itself is spectacular, surrounded by miles and miles of jungle, the food is incredible, the cheese "hut" is light and airy and, of course the weather is blessedly tropical.  

Larry Faillace on the left and Ian Anderson on the right.

It rained when I took this, but you can see how nice it is to be in the make room.

Best of all, the instructors, Larry and Linda Faillace are two of the nicest people you will ever meet and the host, Ian Anderson is more fun than any one person has a right to be!  I consider the Faillaces, Ian and every other person in the workshop to be lifelong friends after sharing 5 days with them - making cheese, sampling cheese and on the last day, tubing through a cave where the ancient Mayans held sacred ceremonies.

Ian, Cave's Branch cheese maker Clarabelle Gaitan and Larry Faillace

When Ian e-mailed me about this contest (5 minutes ago), I couldn't share it with you fast enough!  The prize is whey more substantial than the ones I see in most contests.  So, hand somebody your camera, grab a piece of your favorite cheese and jot down a few words about why you love it.  Who knows- you could be sitting by the pool after a fun day of making cheese, listening to the howler monkeys cavorting in the trees and saying to yourself, "Now, this is the life!"

There are 4 workshops to choose from if you win:

Cheeses of Latin America, September 11th - 16th, 2013
Latin American Cheese Making: A hands-on, comprehensive cheese making course, on the art and science of making high quality cheese, with a focus on the cheeses of Latin America.

Cheeses of Italy, September 17th - 22nd, 2013
Italian Cheese Making: Our ever popular hands-on cheese making class in which you learn the intricacies of cheese making by focusing on some of Italy's most famous and delicious cheeses.

Artisan Cheese Making, January 15th - 20th, 2014
Learn the ancient techniques, the art, and the science that allow you to transform milk into a large array of delicious cheeses from around the world, using just four basic ingredients.

Advanced Cheese Making, January 22nd - 27th, 2014
Take your cheese making and cheese marketing skills to the next level. We will focus on more complex cheese making techniques and delve into the microbiology and magic of aging and ripening cheese, and the secrets of making a living with cheese.

The Contest

You can say “CHEESE!” Again - Enter the contest for a chance to win a cheese making adventure package!

If you can't imagine yourself enjoying a cheese making workshop, neither did Ian Anderson. But two years ago, at Three Shepherds in Warren, Vermont, Ian had one of the best experiences of his life. And now, just two years later, Caves Branch Artisan Cheeses are internationally recognized as exceptional Artisan Cheeses. Join Ian along with Master Cheese Makers, Dr. Larry and Linda Faillace, of Vermont for "Adventures In Cheese Making" workshop in the Jungles of Belize.

How To Win:

Submit a picture of your favorite cheese with a description saying why it is your favorite cheese.


Cheese making adventure package that includes the following:

• Complimentary drinks upon arrival

Amanda Gilleland (left) and her boyfriend arrived with me and we were given a brief orientation by Larry Vanegas (at right)

• 5 nights accommodations in one of our Jungle Bungalows

My bungalow, completely hidden in the jungle from any others

• All meals from Dinner on day of arrival to Breakfast on day of departure

Chef J prepared this lamb which one of the workshop participants had slaughtered that morning for us
• Half day Caves Branch Adventure inner tubing through the river caves of Belize

A motley crew!

• Cheese Making Adventures… 3 and one half full days of cheese making workshop instruction, hands on cheese making, all required literature, materials and equipment with instruction by Larry and Linda Faillace, master cheese makers from Three Shepherds Farm in Warren, Vermont. Students will personally make a minimum of six different cheeses during the workshop.

Cutting the feta curds

• Full use of Caves Branch facilities hot tub, swimming pools and personalized walking tours through the 15 acre botanical gardens and orchid gardens.

This river runs right next to the lodge

This contest ends on July 31st, 2013
**You and your non-participating friend or spouse will be hosted at Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Adventure Company & Jungle Lodge. Please note that the prize can only be redeemed for the time when cheese courses are scheduled. Click here for the scheduled dates for cheese courses.
Contest ends on July 31st, 2013

Submit Your Entry Here

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