Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kiara Sabiston (11) in Spencerville, Ontario, Canada

Our first Junior Spotlight!

Kiara Sabiston was the youngest entrant in our 35th Anniversary Essay Contest.  We were very surprised that an eleven year old could be as mature (and talented) as she is.  In case you missed her essay, here it is:

I'm being homeschooled so it's only natural that I learn some practical skills such as making cheese.

I love making cheese with my mom, but I enjoy other things as well such as feeding the goats, milking the goats, being with my goats, pretty much anything to do with goats ! I have made chevre, mozzarella, yogurt.

I have to say that my favorite cheese to eat is chevre with homemade bread and garden tomatoes, but my favorite cheese to make is mozzarella.  

It starts out as milk in a pot and in 30 minutes it turns into something you can stretch and play with, this is the only time that your mom can't tell you to not play with your food!

Before we started making homemade cheese I was never a big fan of cheese but now I love cheese!!

Bella and Nova
Chevre was the first cheese we ever made I'll admit that it wasn't perfect, but after a few more batches I have say it's near perfect:)

Cheese is one of the best thing's that ever happened to me, we are definitely going to make more next year I'll make sure of that ;)

Me and my mom want to try making hard cheeses next year.  Anybody who want's something fun to do should try cheese making.  Cheese making has not only changed my life but inspired my future.

I asked Kiara a few questions:

Do you live on a farm?

We live on 2 acres.  We have 8 goats, ducks, Jersey giant chickens, golden retrievers, cats.
What other interests do you have besides making cheese?

I like reading, sewing, skating, snow.
I love spring because that's when the baby goats arrive around here.
Also love bottle-feeding our baby goats.

What recipe are you using to make Mozzarella?

Ricki Carroll's 30 Minute Mozzarella out of the Homemade Cheese book by Janet Hurst. 

I'm making 30 minute mozzarella in the pictures. We like stretching it and folding it to form cheese strings.  Then we can pull the strings apart and put on pizza.  No shredding required:)

What kind of milk are you using?

Yes we are using our goats milk.

Do you have any advice for other young cheese makers?

I guess I would say... Cheese making is fun but if at first you don't succeed try try again...

Feeding Nova

Kiara had a series of pictures taken while she was making Mozzarella:

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