Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Anna Ford in Longmont, Colorado

Anna Ford with Galaxy

Anna Ford just finished the fourth grade.  She is being home schooled and she attends a school program once-a-week.

Last summer, Anna and her family bought a house down the street from Kate Johnson, the 4-H leader who is starting a cheese making school in Boulder, Colorado (see our May Moosletter).  

Anna's mother, Kathleen, noticed that Kate was giving cheese making classes, so she enrolled Anna in a kid's class and she herself took several of the adult classes.

Anna at her class:

Kate Johnson with Liz French, Anna and Megan French

Anna and Liz

Tasting the ricotta

Anna, Megan and Liz holding Kate's kids

Interview with Anna:

How did you get started?

Up until last August, I lived in a typical suburban house and neighborhood.  Then, while I was away at a friend's house for a sleepover, I got a call from my mom saying "We put a contract in on a house!"  Of course, I was SUPER happy.  We moved to a wonderful ranch home with two acres of backyard!

Then, we heard that my mom's friend had chickens that, sadly, she had to sell.  My brother, Daniel, and I begged for the six hens until, finally, they were ours!!  The six chickens, all named by me, are Bob, Henry, Sam, George, Buckbeak, and Oz (although they have boy names, they are hens).  

Anna with Sam

Then, a few months later, we joined a 4-H club called "Goats and Galore."  The reason for the name of the club is that so many people in the club have dairy goats, which made us want to learn more about goats.  So, Daniel and I started an apprenticeship program with one of the club leaders. We clean stalls, trim hooves, learn a lot about goats, practice goat showmanship, and occasionally milk the goats. 
We each got to pick a goat to work with at the beginning of the year and a very special Mini-Nubian named Galaxy is coming to the fair with me in August (the Boulder County Fair).  

My brother is working with a Nubian named Almond Joy (yes, they're all named after candy).  I'm really happy because Galaxy is due to have baby goats in just two days!!*  Yay! 

* Galaxy did indeed have her babies.  Anna named them Eclipse and Cosmo:

Galaxy, Eclipse (the brown one) and Anna holding Cosmo

Daniel with Almond Joy
What is your favorite part about making cheese?

I'm pretty new to cheese making but I have made chocolate mousse with ricotta.  My favorite part about making cheese is turning it into yummy desserts.  

What are your other interests?

Along with making cheese, playing with goats and playing with chickens, I spend some of my spare time reading, climbing trees, playing the violin, and wishing I had my own horse.

Anna with her father, Michael

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